Rotary District 6940 Documents

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Intro to New Members.pdf39 KB07/15/19 at 07:32 AM
New Member Installation.docx13 KB07/15/19 at 07:32 AM
PHF Presentation - 2019.docx13 KB07/15/19 at 07:32 AM
PHF Presentation.docx13 KB07/15/19 at 07:31 AM
3 - Installation of Club President and Officers V2.pdf381 KB03/12/19 at 05:30 PM
2 - Paul Harris Fellow Presentation V2.pdf313 KB03/12/19 at 05:29 PM
New Member Induction V2.pdf205 KB03/12/19 at 05:29 PM
PHS Recognition Remarks.pdf112 KB03/12/19 at 05:28 PM
Paul Harris Fellow Donor Presentation Remarks.pdf114 KB03/12/19 at 05:27 PM
New Member Induction.pdf69 KB03/12/19 at 05:26 PM
Multiple PHF Donor Presentation Remarks.pdf115 KB03/12/19 at 05:25 PM
Information Paper - Installation of Club Officers.pdf20 KB03/12/19 at 05:24 PM
100 PHF Club.pdf110 KB03/12/19 at 05:24 PM
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